Slow 4K read and write speeds?

Hello, I realize my 4k read and writes are not as fast as they should be. Why is that?


This was after I secured erase using Parted Magic, and fresh windows installation. I think everything else is around average though the slow 4K’s worry me.

My motherboard is Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3, which supports SATA 6. I believe i am using AMD ahci so I updated my chipset drivers to the latest. I’m also using the new Sandisk firmware. 

a firmware update was just released so you may want to try that. if speeds do not increase you may want to try another SATA driver. if you are unsing windows you could try the microsoft ahci driver. 

Lepzoom, you have the latest firmware, R211, so don’t worry about that.

AMD SATA chipsets seem to have all kinds of settings that can be confusing, although it may be the mother board and BIOS manufactures that make it that way. You should be in AHCI mode, given the 4K-64Thrd results, but the single 4K results are not the greatest for a SSD. What are the SATA settings in your BIOS set to?

Is that amd_sata driver from your mother board’s disk or download page, or from AMD? What mother board are you using, or what model SATA chipset does it use? You may be able to find a newer AMD AHCI driver that will perform better.

Also, when CPU power saving options are enabled, benchmark scores will be lower, the 4K results usually impacted by that. That would be AMD’s Cool and Quiet feature. You could disable that and run another test. You can also change your Windows Power Plan to High performance, which can increase scores.

Hi buddy. Any changes so far that you made that makes the writing fast? Power option to maximum would be the first in to do list.

I’m having similar terrible performance from a Sandisk SSD

  Sandisk benchmark