Slow 16GB Extreme Pro CF read performance from Lexar USB 3.0 reader

hi, i picked up a Lexar USB 3.0 reader ( and benchmarked the read speeds from my Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB CF card and the Lexar was ~40 MB/sec slower in reads compared to a Kingston and Transcend USB 3.0 reader I also have.

The card in both the Transcend reader (TS-RDF8) and Kingston reader (FCR-HS3) benchmarked sustained reads at ~95MB/sec with Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.2 x64, whereas this Lexar reader only benchmarked @ 56 MB/sec. Did the same tests using HD Tune and ATTO Disk Benchmark and got the same consistently slower results with the Lexar reader. The readers were connected to the same USB 3.0 port on my computer, using the same USB 3.0 cable.

Is there any known issue with Lexar card readers? I don’t see such a performance difference with older Sandisk cards: a 4GB Sandisk Extreme IV card and a 4GB Sandisk Ultra II card got similar read speeds in all 3 card readers (~40MB/sec and ~12MB/sec, respectively)