Slow 16gb Dual USB

I got this recently to transfer some larger files between work and home and my girlfriends place.

the first few times i used it it seemed normal enough. I used my external hdd for a little while to move larger files, and when i went to move some 2 gb file over to the Dual USB it was super slow.

like unusable slow. i tried again with a few picture files, and again, ungodly slow.

do i have a crppy usb drive, or is it just a carppy product or is it crappy user error?


you can try to test the drive with crystal disk mark and see the speed of it. If you see that the speed of the drive is very slow you can contact the sandisk support to replace the drive with a new one. You can also replace it with the pop.

But keep in mind that speed is a very delicate matter and it depends on the host you are using the device on.

I think one of the best ways to test this out and isolate the issue is to try another PC or trying transferring a file that’s small in size and observe the difference.