Size of card, does it matter?

I have a rather long question.  I use mostly SanDisk cards.  I have digital cameras, video cameras, action cameras (go pro) and dash cams.  My question involves dash cams.  My dash cams all have over looping, that is, after all storage is used, it returns to the beginning and starts to record anew.  So I’m thinking, what would be the difference between a micro 8 gig card and a 64 gig card? Of course, the 64 gig card can hold more information, and cost more, but won’t the 8 gig card be ok since it will record 8 gig and then return to the beginning?  Why should I pay for an expensive card when an 8 gig card will work for me?  I mean, I do not plan to archive my videos.  I have a dash cam strictly for usage to record an accident if I ever have one.  Once I finish the trip, whether it’s 15 min. long or 4 hours long, I format the card for later usage.   I recently ordered a  micro 16 gig Transcend High Endurance card with MLC  technology which is recommended for automotive recorders.  I also have a micro 32 gig SanDisk High Endurance card that is also recommended for dash cams.  However, I’m not sure if it has MLC technology.  Perhaps SanDisk can answer this.

But my main question is, will an 8 gig card be just as good as a 64 gig card for dash cam usage?  (assuming the camera has loop recording of course)

Given the low price on memory cards these days, and the fact that they have a finite number of “writes” to them, personally I’d opt for a large size. Why go cheap on the memory card when you invested so much in the dash cams?

Ok, first I can’t find 8 gig cards with MLC technology.  But I did find the Transcend 16 gig card with MLC NAND memory.  Think 16 gig will work ok?  I looked for SanDisk 16 gig with MLC NAND technology but I couldn’t find one.

btw, the Transcend card costs MORE than some of the dash cams I have.