Easy Q, MICRO SD card sizes

I can’t seem to find what size of micro sd card each will take. 

I read the 16 with take a 32 gig?

How about the 8?


Any memory size (1GB - 32GB) will work.

I keep reading from people that their MicroSC card doesn’t work.  Can someone recommend a specific sd card that does work?  I was thinking of getting a 16gb based on the price per gb.  I would also love 32gb recommendations.

Beings that this is a SanDisk-sponsored forum and they are the largest flash-based memory card manufacturer in the world, I’d recommend SanDisk.

I wouldn’t waste my time or money on any other brand. However, there are others who are happy with their (less expensive?) alternatives.

Whatever brand you buy, be very careful about ordering cards from ebay or the like, especially high-capacity cards (like 16 and 32GB) that ship from China. There have been a lot of counterfeits (low-capacity cards hacked to appear as high capacity).

So if I buy a Sandisk MicroSD cad from a reputable vendor, such as Amazon or Bestbuy, no one foresees any problems?  Is there anyone on these forums who has failed to get a Sandisk MicroSD card to work with the Fuze+?

I bought my Sandisk 32GB microSD card  from a vendor on Amazon.  It did not work.  Sandisk asked me to ship it to them and I got a return.

I am not sure mine was a knockoff or what.  The card was recognized by my computer through the player and I could actually fill it with data, but once the player was disconnected, it could not be read by the player.  If it was a knockoff it was a good one.  This one actually stored 32GB of data.  This was not just a simple lower capacity card with the wrong capacity stenciled on it.

Plug it in the computer and it worked just fine. 

Sandisk sent me one that works just fine.  Don’t know what was wrong with the first one. 

I suggest SanDisk as well.  They were very good at returning the unit and making sure I had one that would work.

Personally, I’ve been using cards for a long time. My first one was a patriot memory card which worked fine, but only held two gigs. So, eventually I upgraded to a Kingston 8 gig card, which I’m still using to this day. No problems with it, either. I think you have to format it with certain, specific settings. IDK what they are, except for that fact that the file system should be FAT32. I do know there is a program (SD Formatter) that can do it properly for you. Also, I’m sure that it will format correctly if you do it through your Fuze(+) using MTP mode.