Single Playlist Drawing from Internal and External Memory?

Just got 8GB Clip+ and 16 GB micro SDHC.  After some cajoling, working fine with my Rhapsody To Go.  My question is:

Can I create a playlist that is comprised of songs from both the Clip itself and the memory card? When I’ve tried, it appears I can only create playlists that are specific to each of these storage areas-not on ethat combines songs from both. Thanks.

Can anyone help me out on this?  Thanks!

You have to use a .pla format playlist to incorporate songs from both memory sources into one playable list. M3u format playlists will only work with one memory loacation at a time.

Use the search function here. There are hundreds, if not thousands of posts, discussions, instructions, tips & tricks on this subject already on the various player’s boards. No need to add yet another one.