simple way to repair broken clip on sansa clip

1.Buy a cheap generic money clip .I purchased it on ebay for 1$ free postage.I chose the right dimension so i didnt have to modify it.

move  and file down remains of the original damaged clip.

3.Wipe both the new money clip and the Sansa Clip back surface with methylated spirit.

4.Apply a thin layer of two pack epoxy glue to both surfaces.If there is any surplus of the glue getting squeezed from under the new clip  wipe it clean as it sets hard making it really difficult to remove.

5.Secure it with any kind of sticky tape so both parts remain in the same position for the  next few hours .

6.Apply pressure in order to keep two glued parts together for  some  time specified in the glue manual.I  wrapped mine in a soft cloth and left it under a book case for one night.




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Thanks for the walk-through–looking nice!    :slight_smile:

We’ve had good luck refastening a broken clip using “Goop” an opaque viscuous glue about the consistency of toothpaste that’s highly flexible when dry. A glob of “Goop” goes on the back of the Sansa Clip (only on the top edge where the hinge was) and then press the loose clip down onto the glue. I recall that I used a small light spring clamp to hold the clip in position while the glue dried but it is probably not necessary. After it dries the glue allows enough flexure to fasten the clip to clothing apparel like it did before. It worked well as a quick and inexpensive fix.

“Goop” is handy for these types of repairs but once the tube is opened it has a short shelf life so either get a very small tube of the stuff or use it up in a short period of time.

Not only does “Goop” have a short shelf life, but it looks like my memory shares this same problem. For the life of me I can’t recall what happened to that old Sansa Clip I used for years after reattaching the broken clip to the back.