Shutdown fuze when external power is removed

I use my Fuze as a car stereo, but its power management drives me crazy!

When the exernal power shuts off, the Fuze actually starts up! 

This makes for a convoluted exit from the car when you arrive at your destination – if you shut down the Fuze, it will only start up again.  The best work-around is to unplug the power, then shut it down, to avoid its deciding to turn on again unexpectedly.

Even worse, if you’re listening to the radio, you might not notice the Fuze starting up.  Then it runs out its battery while you’re out of the car.

Other players I used came closer to having this right.  I’m not saying make everyone live with my preference (shutdown the Fuze when external power is removed), but it would be nice if the option to do this could be added to its settings.

This is yet another reason why I want a player that has the display on all the time when the player is on. With the Fuze, I find myself turning the wheel to check that the player is indeed off after I have finished using it. I realize this is not practical with the Fuze as its display consumes too much power, however a new model with a basic alphanumric LCD display like LCD watches have would make this possible. Like LCD watches, the backlight could just be on when a dedicated button is held down.