Using Fuze for home stereo playback

First Question;

I have clip installed on motorcycle with headphones in helmet(with USB power source which turns off when ignition switch is off).  I can pause music play and then remove USB power.  At some future date I attempt to operate the clip without turning on and it seems to be in off state.  After USB power is applied the clip will turn on and respond to play button.  I am not sure whether it goes to off state or to some standby state but I think if USB power does’nt resume within several days the battery will run down. Can anyone comment on this?

Second Question:

I plan to use 8G Fuze to replace our home CD jukebox which is on last legs.  I plan to connect headphone output to one of inputs to stereo and plug AC adapter into switched outlet on stereo.  I want Fuze to turn off when AC power (hence USB power) is turned off and then turn on when USB power resumes.  How can I accomplish this?