Shuffle / Random music ... is it ever going to be fixed????

I love this little device but the Shuffle feature is maddening. I know others have complained as well and it seems its not being fixed. Here is the scenerio, I open the media player app on my ipod, I select songs, pres a song to play and I turn on the shuffle by taping on the little arrowos on the top right so they turn red. If this is the first time I am listening to my music after The WMD was reformatted and I load all my music back in, the random / Shuffle feature works. But, if I stop playing my music and come back later, I fireup the app on the ipod, connect to the wmd and select songs, then pic a song to hear and I turn on the shuffle, after the first song plays, sfter that it plays in the exact same order as what I har previously listend to. if I skip the song it moves it makes no difference and will play the previous ply played song that was played before. Its almost like its createing a play list from the first shuffle and then when you go back to the app on another day or time it will play the exact same sequence of songs that you had previously heard. 

This is extremely frustrating and Im considering getting rid of this thing if it cant be fixed.

please please pleas fix the shuffle / Randomization and this thing will be perfect!


So after almost 3 months, no answer to this? I find it hard to believe that no one else has this issue or even cares about it. Sandisk do you have any intentions of correcting this or even respond???

I can’t say as I’ve experienced that when using it with my iPhone. Maybe it’s unique to the iPod?

I have experienced this issue as well, I have an iPhone 6 Plus and when I open the Sandisk app go to music then songs, I choose any song and click shuffle/random the same order of songs play every time. I can choose a different song later and it will work it’s way back to playing the same order of songs from before. I can even turn off the Sandisk media drive, turn in back on the next day and do the same process and it will play the same songs as the day prior in the same order. It is not an issue with iPhone, it is using the Sandisk app to play the music, I feel that something needs to be built into the software to have more shuffle options because it seems like it only has one option. This is a great device, but if the shuffle/random is fixed it would be the best.