Shuffle doesn't work

I’m having an issue with the Shuffle function. What I want to do is play every song in my music library in random order, so I went to Settings > Music Options and turned Shuffle ON. Then I go to Music > Shuffle, and a random song starts playing. But after that, it just plays songs in alphabetical order.

While a song is playing, I can press the Menu button, which shows me that Shuffle is ON. If I turn Shuffle OFF and back ON, then the Shuffle icon appears at the top of the screen. When I press Next, a random song starts to play, which is exactly what I want. After that? Back to alphabetical, and the Shuffle icon is gone. Check the settings, and yes, Shuffle is still ON. Except it’s not.

I spend a lot of time driving for my job, and I like to keep the music changing and unpredictable. The ability to shuffle 4GB of songs is the main reason that I bought a dedicated MP3 player in the first place. Can anyone offer some suggestions as to why Shuffle doesn’t work?

It seems that your player has firmware 1.25 (have you updated it recently?), which now has been cancelled due to shuffle play not working.

Downgrading to firmware 1.22 will fix the problem.