Short Noise on Start of Song Play

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Whenever I play a song I hear a very faint little phfft noise that sounds like a clipped buzz.  It lasts less than a tenth of a second.

It is most obvious on songs with silent intros.

Not critical, but highly annoying when listening to softer music.

Its the Headphone Amplifier ramping up the gain.  There is a slight dc offset and as the amp gain increased it sounds as a small  “pfft”.  Sorry for the annoyance.

hmm I dont experience that, but what files are you use? mp3? in that case, what is the sampling rate, and birate of them.

Any mitigation strategy or is this another todo for a future firmware update?


Cant be fixed

It’s hardly an annoyance (cool little blips on the oscilloscope). The e200v2 has exactly the same little pfft on startup from pause. Think of it as a wee confirmation of activity.

Pfft. Reminds me of Bill The Cat.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: