Setting "Power On" plus Time, what is this?

Hi Community,

I have a (german menu language) 1GB Clip and following question:

There is the “Power” Menu and two Sub-Menu-Items:

  1. “Sleep” > Is pretty clear as this is auto-off

  2. “Auto Power” translated in direct german “Automatic On” > This is very strange and I have absolutely no clue, what this setting does!

  • Is it an automatic-switch-on function? Like “power on on every button”??
    Why then are there time settings (30sec, 1 Minute and so on) ?

  • Is it something else?

Please, does anyone know what this setting does??

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
The manual says nothing about it.
This forum says nothing about it, too.

Best regards

Sleep will turn off the player after a specified time, no matter what is happening at the time.

Auto Power will turn off the player after being idle for a specified time (meaning the player is not playing music). 

FYI The manual on page 18 under Settings, Power is missing the word “not” between “is” and “playing”, leading to this confusion.