setting date and time

I have a sandisk fuze.  This is the second mp3 player like this, the first was perfect but unfortunately lost it.  The current one ws supposedly new when I bought it but the date and time are never accurate even though I keep setting it.  The instructions say press ‘select’ button when set but I can’t find a select button and I didn’t have one on the previous sandisk.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


According to your previous posting, you have a Fuze+ (which is a completely different model than the Fuze).

Page 10 of the User’s Manual shows the the ‘Select’ option is in the middle of the crosshairs on your player.

Hope this helps . . .

Hey, I hope this might help you:

Steps to set the Date & Time

  1. Select Date & Time.

  2. Use thumbwheel to highlight the desired setting – Month, Date, Year, Hour, Minute, or Time then press the Select button.

  3. Use thumbwheel to adjust the selected setting then press the Select button.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each setting you want to adjust.

I did consider that, yes, it’s just the clock. If it had stopped working after owning it for a while, I probably would just write it off as no biggie. After all, it isn’t like a clock is essential on an mp3 player. Immediately upon purchase, though? Even refurbs are sold under the assurance of being 100% perfectly functioning, if maybe cosmetically compromised. If it were scratched or blemished, I’d say ‘well, you bought a refurb, that’s what you get’… but not a function, no matter how small, not right out of the box (also the clock is handy when I’m running, where I don’t wear a watch). I don’t blame SanDisk for this; the seller has decided to accept the return, and I’m happily gonna turn around and give Sandisk my money for a shiny new one.