Serious problem with the volume.

This has happened three times already.  When I am listening to music and I switch to another song, the player jumps to full volume on the high setting.  I pause the player to avoid damaging my ears and the song keeps playing.  I have to quickly unplug the earphones or pull them off my ears.  After about five seconds or so the player finally pauses.

I don’t understand why it does this.  I always keep it at a moderate to low volume setting.

Is this a common problem?  I am thinking of returning it to the store for a refund.  

I do not want to suffer any hearing damage and it is painful when the volume spikes to full blast.

I would appreciate any advice on what the problem could be.

I maybe wrong but,  check your firmware   (see steps below)

Check to see if you have the latest firmware,  this issue may have been a bug in an earlier firmware version.   If you don’t have the latest FW then upgrade it.  Upgrade instructions in a post at the top of the forum.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

• Turn on your Fuze
• Select Settings from the main menu
• Select System Settings
• Select Info 
• Verify the Version #

Revision 1 = 1.XX.XX (example: 1.01.22)
Revision 2 = 2.XX.XX (example: 2.01.17)

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This is a known issue that people have been having for a while. I dont recall any solutions but try updating the Firmware, Deleting the Tracks that cause this (If it is song spesific) and then Re ripping that song to the pc and then re add it to the Fuze. If this is no help Search this board for this problem, and see about solutions. If none can be found Call tech support.