see songs on sansa m240 but dont see it on cp

Heres my problem,im trying to put all my songs in order but alot of my older songs dont show up on my computer when i connect the player to the computer,but i can still listen to them when i have it dissconected and i was wondering if there was some way to fix this.
I think it might have something to do with the cd,but i lost it

ty for help

What file format are the files?

all mp3 format

How do you transfer the songs?


MCS and i just move files into the audiobile folder

There might be a music folder that is hidden.  That is where you put them.

I did the show hidden folders/files option nothing poped up.

Try moving the music out of the audible folder, and into the root directory - Or create a folder on the root directory and see how that goes.

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