SecureAccess won't run on OS X 10.6.8


I’ve just bought a Cruzer Edge 16GB and downloaded SecureAccess, unzipped and tried to run it from the USB stick.  The program appears to run and creates a new folder called My Vaults.  Then it crashes and all I have is the Apple error report screen.  I’ve tried this several times, also downloading the zip file from the SanDisk website again.  Same result each time.

Any solutions?

Me again…

OK, forget it.  Just read other posts on this forum about SecureAccess - I’ll jiust delete it and live without the supposed security it would give me.

No need to solve my “problem” after all, but thanks anyway if you were about to!

Works fine with 10.7.5 but not with 10.8.3.

When will this problem be fixed? Any news about the schedule?