Search songs & Shuffle question

Hi, I’ve 2000 songs, but without a search function I left them divided as in iTunes (author folder > album folder > songs of album) to locate the songs. But in this way, it’s not possible to shuffle ALL songs whwn playing, as in iTunes, as sandisk app only shuffle between the last folder (album).

  1. Any solution?

  2. There’s a search function in the app, so I can put the songs without folders?

  3. Aliases, symlinks or hard links are recognized?

  4. It’s possible to use another player with real shuffle functions?




as far as i know if you have correct metadata in the id3 tags information of the songs you can order them in a specific order like artist etc.

so in my opinion you should have the correct metadata information in the files and they should be assigned correctly inside the app.

the Wireless Flash drive does not sort using Id3 tag. It sorts alpha numerically by file name. 

Yes, it seems to sort by filename, and only inside each folder (album), so you can’t shuffle the entire library.