SDHC 64GB works on some devices and doesn't work on others

I bought a new 64gb sd card for my phone (Galaxy S5) but it was never detected on it and on Note3, but it worked normally on Note4 edge, Note2, an old samsung phone (dont know name), another samsung phone but a new one (also dont know the name)

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SD Card Case

On pcs it works normally, I tried formatting as Fat32, FAT16, NTFS, and ext4 , when i insert it, my phone does nothing as if it was never inserted at all… I have another sd card that’s 16GB and it’s 100% working, and I tried other 64GB cards, they all worked… my phone can handle 128GB as max sd capacity

briefly : it never worked on Note3 and S5, but worked on Note4 edge, Note2 and 2 other samsung phones (one new, one old)

I tried returning it but the shop didn’t accept and said “it’s opened and woeking on some devices”, while i think that a working card has to work on ALL devices! not some

Working on PC.png

More info about the card:

- Type: SDHC 64GB

- Speed class: 10

- Read speed: ~17.5MB/s

- Write speed: ~4.5MB/s

- Made in: China

- More: Has a glowing sticker on the back

(2 Questions: )

  1. Does this look original?

  2. Legally, do I have the right to return it?

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Close up