SD Card needs to be reformatted every time it's inserted.

I bought a 64GB Extreme Pro 170mb/s SD card in december and used it a bunch of times but around February, i inserted it in my card reader (which works fine with other cards and USB’s) after a shoot and it said the disk i inserted couldn’t be read.
I ended up having to format and lose my photos and it worked fine until i inserted it again, same thing happened. and now every single time i insert it, whether it’s empty or not, i have to reformat it to work??

Hey, don’t run chkdsk if this is a result of hard drive damage, e.g. you dropped it. Chkdsk might further damage it. 

Try this, download and install a data recovery tool. I use iBoysoft for this. It has a free demo version and shows the preview of recovered files before purchasing!