Screen not working. Player works fine

Okay, so my screen stoppped working. I assumed the thing was dead, but I noticed I can still play songs. I tried a soft reset by holding the power button down for 30 seconds but it didn’t work. I wondered if mayne it was locked so I held the home button down for a while as I thik that was how you lock it. then I tried the reset again in case it was locked and in case locking it deactivates the power button (I don’t recall if it does).

 I downloaded the firmware updater, but it only said there was a new manual. However, there IS a new version of the firmware. I manually installed that in case the old version had been corrupted.

 However, I’ve now disconnected it as instructed, but how can I wait for it to install? I have no idea how long it should take, and no idea what it’s doing right now because the screen doesn’t work.

 Also, after the first attempt at a reset, I could no longer play music. However, I assume that is because the menu returned to the root and I can’t remember how to navigate to music or anything to check. (Because the screen doesn’t work, remember)

 I think in this case, what I have may be an actual dead screen, but I have no way to tell.

Oh, I first noticed this problem after leaving it plugged in to a charger over night. I guess either it overheated, or maybe the charger was unplugged and it completely discharged through it.

 I just tried holding the power button down for over a minute. No joy. Gonna lave it on charge overnight. Then crack the case open and have a poke around inside

Oh, I just used the updater and verified that the firmware update was successful. Still no screen.

Since you’ve reloaded the firmware, I think it may indeed be a dead screen. And even the real tinkerers at have been unable to fix them.

Well, the guy who started that thread doesn’t sound like much of a techie. Still, replacing the screen with a new one takes the fun out of the repair. Might as well just buy a new one. I had no idea till I saw these forums how unreliable MP3 players are, considering they have no moving parts and only really require a display and maybe 4 buttons to function. I have a walkman in my attic from the mid 80’s and I know it would still work today.

^ +1.