scandisk Extreme 32GB error

I suddenly had an error message on my new Nikon one camera about the new scandisk extreme 32 GB: “this memory card cannot be used. card may be damaged”  it is a new card, I have beautiful photos on it and I want to upload them to my computer and the card is not being read.

Any help???


Okay I had the same issue on my canon today same card they are brand new cards formated to my camera right in the middle of a photo shoot I have the first quarter of my photos then it stops says the same thing as above then pics back up and the photos are fine again. Canon has said my camera is fine that it is my memory card whats the deal? I spent almost $100 on a pair of these and I am conserned that this is going to happen again.

This just happened to me as well!

I was browsing files I took and had opened one in PS. Did a bit of editing and when I went to save it to another location I got the message that my card was not formatted. I have more than 1000 images on there that I travelled a great distance to get!

This is also the second card I have had. The same thing happened to the first one and I had it swapped out.

I have scanned the card using recovery software (unable to recover unless I purchase a key, can only view). The images that were recovered was about 2 years old??