Say hello to Sansa Fuze !!!

The Fuze appears to be a fusion between the Clip and the View.

So it is time to open a new forum board :smiley:

Very neat!!  …  (clickable links… : dapreview  Amazon)

Cool :slight_smile: Does anyone have more detailed specs on it? Amazon doesn’t say much…

I see Sansa is channeling (read: completely ripping off ;D) Apple’s iPod nano redesign.

I like it.

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just noticed the boards up; (dead link).

Well, it was up a second ago, I can only assume it might not be time for it to be up yet and the prep work is being done. Now im intruiged.

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Drat.  I got a quick reply in there before the thread was deleted.  :wink:

I was curious as to the dimensions, and expressed my bummed-out-feeling that it uses a proprietary USB cable.

Woah … unless’s search engine is broken, it just left, too.  That was fast.

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apperantly they are trying to limit the spread, im suprised amazon got it down so quick.

Interesting… I guess someone let the cat out of the bag :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks quite interesting, especially the photo with the MicroSDHC card next to the port.  She’s a wee little beastie isn’t she??

I remember Clip fans asking about the Micro SD port on future models.

Plus, a TFT display instead of the OLED?  Most interesting!

Bob  :wink:

The Fuze looks nice in a lot of ways. I wish they had gone with the Click volume control. For that matter I like all of the Clip controls better than the View type wheel, but I guess that the wheel is the only way to control their awkward scrolling icon UI. Do you think Sandisk has heard how many people don’t like their UI? Anyway, the Fuze looks like a nice blend of Clip & View features & I hope the audio ckt. is from the Clip??? I have been entertaining the idea of getting a e200 v2 just for the size & SD slot, but the wheel & buttons on the e200 are awful! The Fuze has a better wheel (if it’s the View wheel), & smaller than the View with (I hope) better audio.

I assume Sansa did not intend the news to leak this way. Amazon’s page indicated a shipping time of 1 to 3 months.
That’s a long time during which some potential Clip & View buyers might have second thoughts, hurting Sansa sales.
I’m not surprised they’re trying to re-hide it.

What would make this thing better than, say, the e260?  Smaller?

functionality that actually works? in regards to video playback (not that i use it that much, but its always a pain). Smoother (less laggy) user interface. Bookmarking.

Im sure others can think of more.

@promisedplanet wrote:

What would make this thing better than, say, the e260?  Smaller?

Smaller, thinner, better video support. More convenient click wheel. It may have better sound quality if they borrow the Clip’s technology. It may come out in higher capacities (16gb?).

Nothing too big that would warrant replacing a e200 that you already have, but it makes them more competitive against newer products. In fact, wouldn’t this be a View killer? Sandisk may artificially keep the capacities for the Fuze lower than the View’s so that both products are viable.

I agree!  It makes sense to keep the Fuze on the simpler side, especially in light of how well the Clip interface works.  The trade in size makes for a nice model niche, I would think.  One needn’t mess with video on the wee Fuze, but integrating the possibility of album art is a great improvement.

Bob  :smiley:

If we use that 1.9inch screen as a measurement guide, we can calculate the size of this little guy. Looks almost identical to a Nano fatty, though not quite as fat.

Pehaps there’s a connection:  Office Dept is selling the 8 gb Sansa View for $99.99 after $50 rebate.  Wow.

Annnnnnnnnnd … it’s back again.  Buildin’ the buzz!

Not on, though.  :wink:

Looks nice, however, that proprietary USB cable will be a complete show stopper for me.

I like being able to plug my clip and/or shuffle into my PS3 and play through the stereo.  The clip uses the same cable as the PS3 controllers (USB-mini B) so there’s always one hanging there, and the shuffle just plugs right in.

Not to mention my wall charger, car charger and external battery pack won’t work as is.