Sanza fuse 4Gb broke using microSd

Hi ,

I just buy a microSd card to increase the memory of my mp3 player, 

It played music from the microSd card for 30 min and shutdown by it self.

Since then my mp3 player is dead…

Who can help me !!!??



Just so you know, this  is the board for the SlotMusic player. The Fuze board is here.

Try removing the card, and doing a reset on the Fuze. Press & hold the sliding power switch on the side in the uppermost position for up to 30 secs. Release, and see if it will start up normally.

If not, post back in the Fuze board for the best chance at help. :wink:

It did work!

Thanx so much !

I tried and it didnt work

Well, one outta 2 ain’t bad.