sansaclip 2gb black is charging but it is not connected in my computer

can you give some other advices because i can use my sansa clip…it is charging but not connecting to the computer i tried all the advices that i read in the forums but not of them can solve my problem… sansa clip is beautiful but it make me crazy i can’t put my favorite songs i am bored listening to fm radio… HELP PLEASE!! i’m from the PHILIPPINES… ANSWER ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE… THANKS 

There are several possible reasons why it is only charging and not recognized by your computer. It could either be the cable, minimum system requirements not met or computer problem. Start of by switching the player to MSC mode (Settings > USB mode > MSC). If this doesnt work, try a different cable, some cable only provides power but does not provide data transfer. Try using a different computer as well…

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