my Sansa clip 2GB is not connecting to Computer

my cousin gifted me this Sansa Clip 2gb and it worked fine just one day. i have everything that came with player but it is not connecting to my computer or any other pc. my Sansa clip is charging although but its not connecting to pc i can’t copy any other songs i am just tied up…

help me plz…

on what mode did you connect your sansa to the computer? If you are not using music subscriptions like napster and rhapsody, try plugging the player using the MSC mode.  Go to Settings > USB Mode > then select MSC.

tell us what happened.

i did i tried on MSC MTP both modes still nothing is happening… my songs r playing even when i connect to computer, my battery is charging but i am not getting any sort of usb detection on my pc or any other computer. its just not getting recognized i just got it dont know wat happened to it…

Try forcing an MSC connection:  Clip off and in pause; hold the center button down; connect the USB cable between Clip and computer.

You also can try a reset:  on switch in uppermost position for 10-15 seconds.

Make sure that the USB plugs are pushed all the way in, the power

connections make contact before the Data connections.

With the USB connection made, you shouldn’t be able to play