Sansa Media converter stops converting

I’ve been trying to download videos onto my mp3 player but there are a few videos where when I try to convert them it stops. one time I let it run overnight, but it still wouldn’t work

FF, what OS you are running? what player you try to convert to? what is the original file source? We need more info to help you out. Thanks

OK sorry. I have Windows Media Player (version 11 i think . . .) I’m trying to convert to the e260 v2, I get it from youtube and use the media converter from mozilla firefox to transfer to my computer. I first used this at my dad’s house, and his computer read the .avi files and they worked fine on both the computer and the player, now I’m at my mom’s house and I can’t remember if the one that I was able to get onto this computer was .wmv or .avi my mp3 player says it was avi, but my computer says wmv, but with these new vids that I want to get on, one doesn’t download all the way (the wvm) and the avi starts to convert, but when it gets to 100% of the first one, it stops and doesn’t continue to the others

I hope this is good

FF, When you say “It stops and doesnt continue to the others” does this mean that Sansa Media Converter crash or hang up? There is a knows issue that Sansa Media Converter will not work properly if converting batch file. (Different file format at the same time.) You might want to try to convert 1 by 1 to see if its work. Good luck and hope this help you.

I have tried doing it one by one, but it still doesn’t work. right now I’ve got it on the wmv and i’m re-writing/copying over as an avi, so i hope that works