Sansa Media Converter Not Installing


I downloaded and am trying to install Sansa Media Converter on my computer. The executable file downloads fine, but then, when I try to install it, I get a message about not having enough storage space, asking me to free up 105.63 MB on my C:\ drive and click “Retry”. I have more than 21 GB free on my C drive, so space should not be an issue. I found another thread like this on the forum and they disconnected their Fuze, and the program installed. My Fuze is not connected.

Does anyone have any solutions? Thanks.

Try rebooting.

Login when you reboot as Administrator.

Try getting offline and disabling any anti-virus or security programs while you install (but don’t forget to turn them back on). 

Thanks for the info. I read somewhere (either on this site or that Rhapsody converts video for the Fuze. I tried it and it worked flawlessly, so I didn’t have to install the software.