New Media Converter won't install

Right, so I used Sansa Updater to download the latest Media Converter… But when I try to unpack it by clicking the “Sansa Media Converter” icon under All Programs -> Sandisk -> Sansa Updater it keeps asking me to free up 105.63 MB on my C:\ drive and click “Retry”. I have about 20GB free on my C:, so lack of space is definitely not the problem. Anyone else having the same issue? Any recommended solutions? :angry:

Solved. All I had to do was disconnect the Fuze, and the converter went on to install without any problems. That’s something that needs to be mentioned in the installation on-screen instructions me thinks.

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Mine still crashes…  I get the message “error installing iKernel.exe”.  I’ve tried disconnected, rebooting, re-downlaoding. re-installing… Nothing seems to work.

Help please…  My son (8) would like to enjoy his new xmas present.

The identified solution did not work for me.  I disconnected the FUZE and it still gave the error.  I am using a computer with Windows Media Center and it has over 76G free space on the harddrive.  Is ther another solution?

I’d suggest you start a new thread. Because I marked this one as “resolved”, less people would pay attention and you might not get as many responses.

Also, are you sure you need to use the converter? I did manage to install it, but I haven’t used it so far. :slight_smile: