Sansa Media converter

I downloaded the Media Converter to my portable external hard disk, the disk has 250gb free at this point.  On installation that software claims that there is not enough space for installation.  How much space does this thing need?

As a rule of thumb, I like to have at least a few terabytes free , you know, enough free space for the upcoming patches for Vista.

I can’t see how there would be a problem if you have 250gb (that’s giga, right?) free.  Could you only have 250mb?  The Media Converter needs some RAM to play with, and disk space, especially if you are going to crunch DVDs through it.

The SMC isn’t a high resolution digital video suite like Adobe (that’s a big one).

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Then how come Media Converter would not install in 250 gigbytes of storage space?

The problem may be simpler than that.  Try installing it on the base drive ©.  The problem may be that the SMC needs the tools installed there, like codecs, drivers, etc.

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I will need to make sure that the internal HD has enough space to handle the software.  As per usual those of us with two year old PCs the internal drive is the small one.  How much HD space does the Media Converter need?  I will compare this to what windows says is available.  Please express the amount in kilobits (KB), megabytes (MB) and if necessary gigabytes (GB) so I have the appropriate number to compare to what windows says is available and do not make a mistake in conversion.

I’m not sure installing it on an external hard drive would work. Have you tried installing it in C:\ drive?