Sansa Media converter.exe error message detailed help please!

Ok here’s my steps to my problem I hope this is a enough detail.

  1. I pick my video from youtube copy

  2. click on my anyvideo converter paste my video on the url box

  3. click on the pasted

  4. click on my profile for video avi. format

  5. clip on convert

  6. the video has completed format

7. click on the sansa media converter

  1. click add media

  2. find my video file that i want to add to my player

  3. click on the file

11.  it pauses after i click then the error message sansa media.exe has stopped working windows is finding a solution to the problem.  windows has closed the program and finding a soultion.

I have downloaded

  1. direct x9

  2. k-lite codec pack basic

I also have windows media player 11

 My software is Windows vista

I cannot even load sample videos to see it works help please i hope this is enough detail

Go you have rhapsody installed? I know you are trying to use SMC but this might work better. Install Rhapsody, Dont subscribe to anything, hook your fuze up and use it to add the video. There are also ways to use other programs to add to the player.

Those are excellent details! Thank you. :smiley:

Some have suggested that there’s an additional codec in Quicktime that is not in the K-Lite pack and claim their video converting problems ended when they installed it (whether they ever use it or not). It’s free, so might be worth a shot. If it doesn’t work, you can always un-install it.

Vista is a strange bird. Numerous problems (of all types) occur with a lot of users. I don’t (and won’t) have it, so I can’t offer you any secrets regarding it.

Also, the error msg. you are receiving is one that we have never heard before on this forum, so that also suggests it could be a Vista-initiated or caused conflict of some kind.

CB’s suggestion of using Rhapsody software will negate the need for SMC altogether and may solve your problem getting videos converted for use on your device, but be aware that it is much slower, and takes almost the same time to convert as it does to ‘play’ the video.

Let us know how things progress.

Thank you so much It finally worked!!!:smiley: