sansa media converter.exe windows vista

Any one have a solution to this problem. will not convert videos at all?


But you haven’t explained what your problem is.

Just saying ‘it doesn’t work’ is not enough.

I have downloaded any converter and downloaded the sansa media converter i have tried different formats still does not have any videos on it yet.  Do I have to keep searching for a video that will play on my player?  I’m just disappointed in this product it more trouble than its worth.  when i convert a video in anyplayer to the sansa player it says sansa media converter.exe error message. what more could i say in detail. Everyone is telling me to use the anyvideo converter the only things its good for is converting mp3 songs.  I haven’t found anything that tells me detail about this product, breaking it down on how to convert your videos when you have a error message sansa media converter.exe the manual isn’t good either. :cry: I also talked with technical support 3 times on the phone and still no results.  I have downloaded k-lite codec pak and direct 9.  I have window vista.

well the sansa site says video has to be in the following format

Container: Fully Interlaced AVI

Codec:     MPEG-4 Simple Profile Level 1 or 2

Bitrate:    Up to 512 kbps

Res.:       QCIF+ 224X176

FPS:        Up to 20fps

anything else probably won’t work… good luck.

the audio codec usually isn’t the problem

Thank you for your help.  It works now I used Rapsody.