Sansa make for you, free mp3 mix even with samples from deleted mp3

First day

I also buy in the past one MP3 SanDisk Sansa 1GB. From the same shop one MicroSD1G Kingston (no SanDisk memory in that shop).

I insert the MicroSD and mp3 do not play smooth.

I have update firmware to latest one.

Everything was ok.

I like very much Sansa, I’ve chose this model because is very little (can be attached to headphones). It has an expansion card so I can change MicroSD cards like CD in CD player, is very, very cheap.

I also have other SanDisk products that I was Satisfied.

The sound Quality is very good, with the use of good quality big headphones, not with original.

Second Day 

Start mp3 to enjoy it in the morning. On the LCD one line go to black and one to light randomly, problem that I have it from the second use day. But mp3 is for play mp3 not to look on it so this doesn’t bother me so much.

I also observed that some mp3 are played with some samples from other mp3, even deleted mp3.

To solve the second problem that bother me a little, I have format both memory from built in tool and also from pc.

I don’t know how but the problem remain, and also I obtain in mp3 some samples of mp3 deleted before format. On the card I use also a undelete software to be sure that do not remain anything.

After two month of testing in different way those problems appear to not have a solution. The LCD appear to work correctly without use of MicroSD card. But 3-10 mp3 are played with couple of seconds from other.

Because in the last months I buy only products with bad quality like this one. I have decide in future to buy more expensive products from company that produce best quality (experience and investment in specific products)

SanDisk for my opinion is good in memory and that’s it, so i will by from SanDisk only memory. 

I like this features, cheaper, bad quality mp3 player so I will keep as it is.