Sansa Fuze's thumbwheel is very hard to turn

As the sunject , my fuze is 4G blue , I can not use the thumbwheel after long time(about 3 hours) no use , especial in the morning , I don’t know why ! the thumbwheel is too tight to turn it ! but I listen music 30 min’ and the thumbwheel is back to normal . the same issue happen again again in the everymorning . I will be nervous breakdown . please tell me why and how to fix it ASAP .

Message Edited by TomJensen on 05-03-2010 06:03 PM

Ah, when the Sansa runs for a little while, the device warms up, and the offending goo in your scroll wheel loosens up.

Sounds like the Pepsi Syndrome.  Something sugary this way comes!  There’s something in the edge region of your wobble wheel, like a dried drop of that Starbuck’s Latte, or some soda.

In the 1979 parody of the movie The China Syndrome, Pepsi was spilled into the reactor controls.  I miss the old days.  I have a unique insight into the events back then (see my avatar), but that’s another subject in itself.

Your scroll wheel is a simpler issue.  Does it drag physically when rotated?

Capillary action can help us here.  First and foremost, remember that accidents to happen.  Water and electronics is a precarious combination.  If you lightly moisten the border of the scroll wheel, by placing the Fuze face down on a cloth that has been moistened, then squeezed out, see if the lightly moistened wheel rotates.

If this is the case, you can use a bit of isopropyl alcohol to soften the sugary mess, and carry the goo out. You can use a lightly moistened terry cloth.  It may take a few treatments, just be sure to allow the Fuze to rest face down on the cloth, so that capillary action will wick the sugar solution away.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: