Sansa Fuze v2 4GB - SD Card Recognized but with 0MB Capacity

Hi everyone.

I’m not sure how active this forum is given the Fuze is such an old product, however I owned a few of them while they were on general sale and found them to be excellent, so when looking for a cheap MP3 player recently I thought I’d try the Fuze out again, and got a used 4GB model.

Just for reference - I’ve got a Sansa Fuze v2 4GB model, with firmware v2.03.33F and I’m using the latest version of Windows 10.

I’m trying to put a 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC card into the Fuze to expand it’s capacity. However, I am experiencing several issues, and I have not been able to find a solution already online. 

If I insert the card directly into the computer, it shows up with it’s full capacity and I am able to transfer files to and from the card. However, if I insert the card into the Fuze, put the Fuze in MTP mode, and connect it to the computer, the SD card is recognized but it shows up as having 0MB capacity. I’m not able to transfer files to it, as I’m told there’s no space left. If I try to format the card, it fails.

If I unplug the Fuze from the computer and go into Settings>System Settings>Info in the Fuze’s menu, I can see that the SD Card is shown there, but It shows as having a capacity of 0MB, with 0MB free. If I remove the card from the slot, the “SD Card” option in this menu disappears, so the Fuze is recognizing the card, but for some reason it thinks the card has 0MB of capacity.

I’ve used this card in an Android phone and directly plugged it into the computer I’m using, and it works fine. Only when using it through the Fuze do I experience this problem.

Has anyone heard of this? If so, some pointers on how to solve this problem would be very much appreciated.

Thanks very much.

  1. Don’t use a Class 10 card. You should be able to find a Class 4 in 32GB size.

  2. Don’t use MTP mode. Set player to MSC and transfer files to card while in player connected to computer.