Sansa Fuze+ unadvertized feature - fast forward?

Sansa Fuze+ with firmare update 02.36.03     (I just noticed update 02.38.06 but haven’t installed it yet).

It’s good to get folder navigation with update 02.36.03, but the controls seem jittery. While practicing, the white dot at the bottom of a music screen started hopping along much faster, and a different icon - a double play arrow ( fast forward?) came up at the top right.    This could be useful, but how to control it?  Is this documented somewhere?

seeking forward or backward ?

hold down the left or right points to do that.

And yeah its a bit sketchy to do right at first.

I started a topic in here way back asking if it was possible to do that

and it was… i just wasn’t hitting the buttons right

Thank you!  It works exactly as you describe.

Minor correction - I said I was on Firmware 02.36.03 but in fact it is 02.38.06 so it is the latest.