Fuze+ fast-forward or rewind available?

Is there any way to fast forward or rewind a voice-recorded MP3 on Fuze+ (a lecture)?  If so, does it need to be in some particular folder?  I loaded several MP3s into Voice: Play Recording–and all the navigation buttons do when I’m listening is take me to the previous or next MP3.  And these features aren’t mentioned in anything I can find online.

While playing the recording, press and hold the right or left arrows on the touchpad to fast forward or rewind. The longer you press, the faster it winds or rewinds.

This doesn’t work with the radio. 

Does this really work for you? I’ve gotten my thumbs numb, pushing hard! It’s supposed to be easy and intuitive, but I don’t find it dependable at all, so far! It won’t even always start at all! Is my machine itself defective? (But I think I had one that malfuntioned and got a new one on warranty, and it was like this with both.) Is there some “knack”, some “English” that I haven’t mastered?

And I can’t find anything about these features in the manuals, either! With the old Sansa Fuze player it was so easy! Now I get Books on CD from the library, to avoid having to use the thing!

Yep. Just a light tap and hold on the point of the left or right marker on the touchpad. It starts off slow and picks up speed. Try letting your thumb drop straight down on to the tap point, don’t swerve or slide onto it, and hold it there for a couple of seconds to see if you’ve hit it right.

It’s described in a few paces in the manual:

  1. Tap/swipe to the right or press and-

hold the right side of the

arrow to fast forward.

  1. Tap/swipe to the left to go back

to the previous chapter or press and-

hold to the left to rewind.

No.4, above, should really read - Tap/swipe to the right to go forward to the next chapter or press and hold the right side of the arrow to fast forward.

So, when you want to stop rewinding or fast-forwarding, make sure to lift your thumb straight up, if it thinks you’ve swiped it you’ll finish up at the start of the next or previous chapter. I’ve done that a few times :slight_smile:

Also mentioned in the Quick Start Guide.

PS: it shouldn’t matter too much how hard you push. This touch pad is sensitive enought that you don’t need to numb your thumb, ever. Rather, it’s simply a matter of where you put your finger. You might have put it too high or too low. The only way to be sure is to try different spots. That, unfortunately, is how touch pads work.