Sansa Fuze: I want Panning (sound balance between right and left channel)

As title says i’d really like to have panning option in Sansa Fuze. I am hearing imparied person and i don’t hear well in my left ear so in the end the way i listen to it now is that i hear more music in my right ear, the panning option i had in cowon iaudio F2 gave exactly what i need, the sound balancing between left and righ audio channel. This shouldn’t be some problem to implement it in next firmware for Sansa Fuze, as is, i think, achieved through software. Thanks :wink:

Good idea. A balance control like car srereos have would be a good idea.

Man, I second that!  I have limited hearing in my right ear, so panning would be great!

Hook us up, Sansa!

(I hardly ever use this many exclamation points!)