Sansa Fuze FM radio with no sound or the stations remain stuck

Sometimes there is no sound/music when I switch to the FM radio on my Sansa Fuze. I know it’s not a signal problem because the FM radio on my Sansa c200 series mp3 player works just fine with the same headphones. Also, there are times when I do get sound/music, but most of the time I don’t. I obviously want to be able to hear the music every single time I switch to the FM radio on my fuze. The mute button is always off.

Then I have pre-sets of radio stations on my fuze. Sometimes when I do get sound/music, a station will remain stuck on other stations.  For example, the radio station on pre-set number 1 will play a song such as “All Summer Long”. Then when I switch to pre-set number 2, the station or song from pre-set number 1 won’t change. Pre-set number 2 will still play “All Summer Long”. This will continue on to pre-set number 3 and 4, etc. The stations on my pre-sets are all indeed different stations than each other. So, I know I don’t have all the pre-sets set to one single radio station. Also, this problem remains the same when I scroll to the next station rather than using a pre-set.

Eventually, after numerous attempts of switching stations, I do get perfect sound/music and the stations do not remain stuck. Unfortunately, this does not last long because the sound/music eventually disappears again or the stations become stuck again.

Does anyone know how to resolve this where I will always be able to hear the FM radio when I switch to it and where the stations will not become stuck. Thanks