Sansa Fuse - Latest English User Only Firmware Update - Sound Very Low - - - - FIX!!!!!

If you have downloaded the latest English firmware you may have noticed that you sound volume is low and that the volume function has disappeared from the settings menu.  Well the answer for that is because of the stupid new Europeon regulation on portable devices.  

I like my music to be a little louder than this new releases default, not by much but it makes all the difference.


There is a fix for this and I thought I would share it as no one seems to know the answer.


1.  After downloading disconnect the device from the USB cable and let it complete the update.  (The device should turn off automatically).

2.  Turn the device back on.

3.  It will ask you to choose a language, in this case English.

4.  Next it should prompt with North America, Europe or Other English.

5.  Select North America or Other English, DO NOT SELECT EUROPE.

6.  Next on you Menu find System > System Settings > Volume (If Volume is there then your done).


Hope this helps you all.

Message Edited by Bolt7845 on 03-05-2010 02:55 AM

This works for all languages, not just english.

But the stupid european regulation norms have their reasons. Frankly, you need music louder than that, you might be getting deaf.