sansa e270

any one enlighten me as to why my e270 has suddenly gone in to forgein lanuage mode its a cracking little mp3 player ive had it a few years nowbut never had trouble till now it baffling me as to get it back to english so frustrating hope some one can help me out thanks

1.) Go to SETTINGS (icon looks like equalizer).

2.) Scroll to LANGUAGES.

3.) English is the top option (it should say English regardless of language it is currently set to).

Hope this helps! :smiley:

thanks tape worm i managed to find the solution you suggested just one more thing how  do i find the the music i have put on a sd card i dont seem to be able to find that once again many thanks

Glad it worked for you . . .

If I remember correctly (and it’s been a long time since I played with my e200 series player), the content on the Micro SD card is incorporated into the main Music listing & there will be a little icon next to the Artist or Album title indicating that the file resides on the card.

Unlike the newer players, there is no Folder or Card option to browse and/or select the songs on the memory card separately.

What’s nice though is that if you use Shuffle (and who doesn’t these days), the player will randomly choose songs from both the internal and external memory seamlessly.

Note (and you may already know this) that all SanDisk players sort and display the song info (Artist, Album, Track, etc.) contained in the ID3 tag of the individual audio file, NOT by file name, so if you have any that come up as UNKNOWN or otherwise display the wrong info on the track, you have to edit the tags. MP3Tag is the overwhelmingly popular free tag editor to accomplish this task.

If you’re unfamiliar with ID3 tags, editing them or the program MP3Tag, there are many, many discussions on the subject here on the forum and are easy to ferret out using the Search feature here.

Hi tapeworm thanks once again for the reply I followed you’re Instructions but unfortunately didn’t find a solution this time I’m completely stumped   on this one I inserted a 32gb memory card but can’t fin d it showing up any where

The e series of SanDisk’s player are ancient by today’s standards. And if i recall correctly, they were not SDHC complatible. That means you can only use a 2GB memory card. Starting with 4GB the standard went to SDHC & above 32GB they are SDXC.

Thanks again tape worm looks like I will have to just use the internal memory for now thank you for your help