Sandisk 2.0

Where can I find the software for this.  Its a couple years old and I’m having trouble with it.  when I look at the contents through windows explorer I can only see some of the music thats on it, and it wont let me delete some of what I can see.  I’m hoping that downloading the Sansa software will help me get this taken care of.


Please excuse my ignorance, but . . . what is it?

SanDisk 2.0 tells (at least) me absolutely nothing. You mention music files, so I might assume that this is an mp3 player you are talking about, and ‘2.0’ might refer to the Sansa ‘e200 series’ of players, but I can’t be sure.

If my assumptions are correct though, there is an Sansa e200 seies board where you can find (at the top of the 1st, or main page) the latest firmware update, both for v1 & v2 models; and although useful, I doubt whether this update alone will help your situation.

Also check the e200 Basic Information post as it has a link to the User’s guide which should help you. The 3nd very important post is the FAQ. You should read through these, in particular the one regarding MSC & MTP modes as they may pertain to and aid you and your problem(s).

If I’m totally off-base with my assumptions, please post back & explain further in greater detail.

If I’m right, and you still can’t find the answer to your questions with these suggestions, fell free to post again with specifics in the e200 series player’s board. That will give you the best chance for help with your issue. :smiley: