Sansa Connect Dock with RCA Out?

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I would love to stream LaunchCast internet radio through my home stereo via RCA dock.

Is Sandisk planning a dock accessory with RCA outs for the Sansa Connect?

If I’m not mistaken, the current dock supports the e200 series, but not the Connect, is this correct?  tia

Not correct.  I have the SDAMX-BST-A75 base station and use it with my Connect.  The dock station has a 3.5mm jack, a USB port, and power supply jack.  It comes with a power supply, USB cable, 3.5 to RCA patch, and a remote.

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Just to clarify, are you able to play LaunchCast internet radio through the Dock?

Any issues/problems?

Thanks GnisiBrianJ25us

I have just purchased two of the base stations that were replied to you in this thread.  They work great for streaming internet radio throughout the whole house audio.  The other functions do not work however.  The remote does not work and they do not charge via the base station unless a usb connection to the base is made with my laptop.  If you have these functions working please let me know.