Sansa clip


I bought a new sansa clip 4 GB. 

  Is there supposed to be a CD inside that will install the software. Because there was no CD in mine. (It says on the we site that the CD is included.)

  I am having few probles wth navigation buttons. The UP button (the play button) has to be pressed hard to get working. Is any one having this issue.

  I have been charging the battery for 15 mins. Once i disconnect from PC the battrey indicater suddenly drops by lot after few mins. why?

  Is there anyway to reduce the volume more because the volume is really high at the lowest.

Thank You.

I understand that the CD only comes from the ones purchased at Best Buy and is put in by them.  I got mine from amazon and it didn’t come with one.  I also don’t need it.  15 minutes is insufficient to charge your clip.  I should take 3 - 4 hours for an initial charge.  There should be a loudness setting under system settings.  Mine was set to loud when I first got it.  I reduced it to normal.

Also be sure to update your firmware.  Mine came with a rather old one.

The BB CD does not include Clip software.  If I recall correctly, it has software to buy music at the BB music store, and perhaps Rhapsody software (which you can get free at Rhapsody’s website); it may also have included the Clip user manual, which is available throught the Clip information sticky thread at the top of this forum.

The nice thing is, no “special” software is needed to run the Clip.  A general modern computer’s operating system should be able to connect to the Clip.  Optionally and for the transfer of protected files, a current version of Windows Media Player also is needed. 

edit:  The Sansa firmware Updater also is available at the SanDisk website; however, many of us prefer simply to “manually” apply the new firmware when it comes out (so as not to clutter our computers and occupy resources with the Updater, which is always on). 

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