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Sansa Clip Zip

FM recording duration

I am considering the purchase of a Sansa Clip Zip because of its  FM recording abilities. My last Sansa mp3 player was a Fuze (SDMX14R-008GK-A57B) that would record FM radio for as long as I wanted.

I used to use my Sansa Fuze (SDMX14R-008GK-A57B) to record a particular FM radio show that lasted six hours. Will I be able to record for six hours using a Sansa Clip Zip?

I don’t need to set a timer for six hours of recording. I just tune in the FM radio station, set the Sansa mp3 player to RECORD and leave it until the radio show is finished. Will the Sansa Clip Zip allow me record for a six hour duration?

The following excerpt is from the Sansa Clip Zip manual:

Recording FM Radio
In order to record broadcast radio to listen and enjoy later on, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Options button  during Radio playback.
  2. Select Recording
  3. Select Record Now
  4. Optional: choose Duration (from 5 minutes to 2 hours) that you want to record the radio

If the Sansa Clip Zip will not suit my needs I would appreciate any recommendation you could make for an appropriate Sansa mp3 player/FM recorder. I will consider anything but a Sansa Fuze+. (I bought a Fuze+ to replace my worn out Sanza Fuze which I dearly loved. I returned the Sansa Fuze+ because I could not tolerate the User Interface. Many Fuze+ purchasers have voiced similar complaints in online forums.) I would be willing to pay full price for a new or refurbished Sansa Fuze (SDMX14R-008GK-A57B) but my extensive search of the Internet has been unsuccessful. My love of my old Sansa Fuze (SDMX14R-008GK-A57B) is the reason I am willing to stick with the Sansa corporation.

Thanks for your consideration. I will purchase my next Sansa as soon I read your reply.

**bleep** Hamilton