sansa clip to stereo

I purchased the cord to connect my mp3 to the stereo. The sound is not very good and I’m curious if others have done this and with what results? Possibly it’s something I’ve done wrong?  Thanks

You have to set the volume on the player most (if not all) the way up, and then use the volume on the stereo to control the final output. Remember these little things are only designed to drive teeny-weeny earbuds or headphones and only put out milli-watts of power. The amp in your stereo will have to carry the rest of the load.

Have found that it works just great for me.

having the same problem.:cry:

I copied and pasted the url- took me to Ask but I didn’t see anything pertaining to the problem. But thanks, paul

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Make sure the volume cap isn’t on or you’ll have trouble driving a stereo.

How do I make sure about a volume cap- I have no idea what that is. Thanks

Are you in the EU, if so you probably have it. Check the forums, theres tons of info about checking for it and removing it.

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How do I make sure about a volume cap- I have no idea what that is. Thanks

If you originally set your player to the EU region, your volume is capped, per EU regulation.  To eliminate this, reset the player factory settings under its system settings (or reapply the latest firmware–see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum), and choose a region other than the EU–you then should have a volume option under the system settings that will let you set the volume to high. 

I have it- thanks for all the help-GREAT!!!