Sansa clip not showing album art

For whatever reason, editing an image that my Sandisk can display in MS Paint makes it undisplayable. The only difference I found in an MS Paint edited image is that Paint adds an orientation tag to the original image, where the original had no metadata at all. I removed this tag to see if that would fix the problem, but it didn’t. As far as I know both images have no metadata, but still only one can be displayed. If anybody knows of another difference that may exist, or another program to use for basic image editing that doesn’t change metadata at all, please let me know.

This is the original, displayable image


This is the edited, undisplayable image


Before anybody asks, the fact that these images aren’t perfect squares doesn’t matter, images that are still don’t work after editing them. Also, I know for a fact that the tags on the mp3 files themselves don’t matter at all in this situation.

I just tried using and Gimp, no success with them either.

My comments are based on my testing your two jpg files using my Clip Sport.

I made 2 copies of one of my mp3 music files. I deleted the pre-existing jpg file from each mp3. Then I added your jpg files to my  mp3 copy files (one jpg per file)… Then I modified the ID3 tag data so I could readily identify the two mp3 test files in the Music database of my Clip Sport player.

I discovered that both of your clip art jpg files display normally on my Clip Sport using the full 1 inch sq display screen.

    I noticed your image pixel size is much lower than my typical choice (75x74 pixel vs 250x250 pixel). But this did not affect a successful display on my Clip Sport.

I wonder about your comment:

“Also, I know for a fact that the tags on the mp3 files themselves don’t matter at all in this situation.”

I find my most consistent picture display success (Clip Sport) occurs when I use ID3 tag version 2.3 (ISO 8859-1). 

I always delete all other tag version data from my mp3 files (ID3 v.1, v2.3 UTF, v2.4, and APE).

I use ID3 tag editor software “mp3tag”. This software allows for automated tag data conversion and cleaning.