sansa clip+ not recognising artist names

when i import sommin some albums will work some wont some albums will come up as unknown even though it says what they are on the computer and they work on my other mp3 player

Are the ID3 tags filled in?  The Clip+'s database uses that info. generally, not the file and folder names (an exception exists for files in the Audiobooks and Podcasts folders, or files set to those categories in the ID3 genre tag field).

yeah theres always 2 songs that work with it then the rest get put in unknown iv updated to the latest firmware iv tried dragging and droping iv tried syncing with windows media player nothin works

It’s an ID3 tag issue, as Miikerman suggested. Either the ‘Unknown’ file tags have something in it (like in the Comments field) that is confusing your Clip+, or the format of the tag itself is one that it can’t read. Firmware has nothing to do with it.

I suggest downloading the free MP3TAG software and running each & every file through it, changing (if necessary) the format to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. This can be done quickly; you don’t have to do it 1 file at a time. Also verify that there is nothing in the Comments field (delete it if there is), or any foreign or strange characters anywhere. While you’re here, you can also make any corrections for typos or genre categories.