Sansa Clip+ clipping MP3 id tags

My newly acquired Sansa Clip+ (as an upgrade to my v1 Sansa Clip) is giving me a bit of problem.

Sound quality difference aside (I opined that v1 sounds a tad better) the Clip+ is giving a little id3 tag problem as well.

Some longer artiste names or track names are having their text clipped, for example:

“Theatre Of Tragedy” becomes  “Theatre Of Trage”

“Rage Against The Machine” becomes “Rage Against The”

Loading the same MP3s in EasyTag shows the tags in full.

Don’t know if its relevant but the same thing (tag clipping) happens on my v1 as well.

Does anybody know what may cause this? I’m using EasyTag 2.1.5 on Ubuntu 9.04, if anybody has a specific setting that works it will be great.

Converting all tags to v2.3 solves it. It was on 2.4 previously. Problem solved!

I have EasyTag . . . but I don’t understand the version numbers in this solution or how to apply it. I’m running easytag V. 2.1.6 under Ubuntu Karmic.

Most song titles are OK, but my artist and album titles are truncated in some cases, even when the long version appeark normal in Easytag.

Thanks for the help and for the forums!


[edit] OK, I found the option in EasyTag to save tags as v.2.3 - now applying, and we’ll see what happens. The trouble is that EasyTag is agonizingly slow for me. Takes forever.

Finished the converstion though . . . and now the song titles scroll properly. Great!

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