Sansa Clip Battery, Run out the battery full before charging it?

I just loaded my sansa clip with music, and I wonder (since the battery is loading right now), Should I use the sansa clip until the battery is fully out-loaded or let it load to full battery now? (I just bought the clip, So the battery’s at like 30-50%, and with mobile phones you often let the battery run-out of power and then you load it to the fullest to make the battery live longer and stay at a good quality, but i’m not sure if it’s needed here? still, batteries are batteries :slight_smile: it should be the same for all the units using batteries).

I read somewhere on this forum that you shouldn’t run the battery down too often, as it puts a strain on the battery when you charge it. I recommend waiting until the battery is at 25% before fully charging it. If you’re charging it for the 1st time, I suggest charging it fully before using it.

You can fill it up now; most do, upon getting the player. provides good information on batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries do not like to be completely discharged. In fact there is supposed to be circuits built into the battery to prevent it. Also lithium-ion batteries are only good for a limited number of discharge cycles, defined as discharging until the battery shuts down and then recharging fully. It is better to recharge more often, before the battery shuts down. That should extend the life-time of you battery a little bit.

Hmm. Any idea how many discharge cycles we’re talking? Hundreds, thousands, ten thousands?

You should get an average of 200-400 cycles, with partial charges/discharges. As I said above, you should charge the battery once the meter reaches about 25%. Don’t let it discharge any more than that, as it’s not good for the battery.

@h4ll3igh wrote:
Hmm. Any idea how many discharge cycles we’re talking? Hundreds, thousands, ten thousands?

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